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Question: Are your inflatables inspected and delivered clean and sanitized? 
Answer: Yes, all of our inflatables meet all the state standards, are inspected by the state, and always delivered clean and sanitized. 


Question: How do I pay? 
Answer: We accept payment at the time of delivery, either cash, check, or credit/debit card. 


Question: Do I need to provide my own extension cords? 
Answer: No, ATX Moonbounce will provide the extension cords for up to 200 feet. If your inflatable will be more than 200 feet from an electrical outlet, please let us know and we will bring longer, higher gauge cords.


Question: Do I supply the water for the slides and combos? 
Answer: Yes, for any inflatables that use water the customer will provide the water.


Question: How can I feel good about the safety of the inflatable?
: Not only are all of our bounces inspected by the state but we take all precautions to make sure that our inflatables are as safe as possible. We not only stake each inflatable into the ground when possible, but we also add sandbags to every corner. We also inspect all of our inflatables each week to ensure that they are proper working order.


Question: Does ATX Moonbounce deliver the inflatable?
: Yes, one of our professional crews will deliver the clean and sanitized inflatable to your location. We deliver to any location in the Greater Austin area and beyond.


Question: Does the delivery of the inflatable cost extra?
: No, the delivery is included in the cost of the rental. We deliver to all areas of the Greater Austin area. Any deliveries to locations outside of the Greater Austin area might incur a small additional fuel charge.


Question: What if it is raining or windy?
: In the event of inclement weather, such as heavy rains or sustained winds above 25mph, we will be glad to reschedule your inflatable rental.



Inflatable Delivery

Bounce Inflatables are delivered clean and sanitized. Rental agreements are presented to the leassee upon delivery.

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Weather Info

Extreme temperatures, wind, snow or rain weather overcasting your outdoor event? No worries. We will be happy to reschedule outdoor event rentals to a later date. 

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